You’re Pulling My Leg: A New Book and Game Helps Build Connections

You’re Pulling My Leg, a recently launched game, creates a fun and interesting way to connect and build relationships either in-person or virtually — just in time for Valentine’s Day or those looking for a new outlet to safely spend time with loved ones.

Designed by former Seattle resident, author, and game creator Allen Wolf, this storytelling game is a great addition to any date night. A family-friendly Junior version is available, too.

The board game also has been released as a book, which can be easily taken anywhere to liven up the mood.

What Wolf had initially created as a Christmas gift for two friends that were dating was reimagined as a game after more friends played and found it entertaining.

Both the board game and book version are played similarly. A player picks a question from either the cards or from within the pages of the book. Then, a coin flip prompts the player to share an answer to the question — which could either be true or false.

Once the other players hear the story, it is up to them to decide if they think the player is pulling their leg, or actually telling the truth. They bet a certain number of points in favor of their answer, then lose them if they’re incorrect or gain more if they’re right.

Whether played virtually or at home among friends and family, You’re Pulling My Leg creates an amusing interactive way to foster connections and relationships at a time when this has become increasingly important.

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