Your Kids Are Your Coworkers — Now What?

Like many of our readers, our staff members here at South Sound are working from home with our families during the COVID-19 outbreak. The challenges we’re facing balancing work and family have been interesting and that got us thinking: What must our readers in similar situations be dealing with?

So, we asked our readers to tell us what their kids — or fur babies — have been up to during the workday. The catch? They had to refer to their brood as their coworkers.

As one might imagine, the answers were nothing short of hilarious.

“My coworker told me we needed to go look for clues on how to find worms.” —Whitney Heinrich

“My coworker is learning how to type using TypeTastic.” —Elisa Yip

“I got in an argument with my coworkers about putting on pants before a Zoom meeting.” —Erica Melief

“My coworker wanted to build a fort.” —Lucy Archer

“My coworker is sleeping on a pillow in front of the door and my other coworker is meowing at crows outside.” —Sharyn Nyrahs

“My coworker Daniel just stomped around the office screaming, ‘I hate this! I hate this! I hate this! Math sucks!’” —Kate DeWeese

“My coworker just took off with my pen, my toilet paper, and my bra.” —Jeanne Dressel Hanigan

“My coworker keeps sniffing my cardigan and telling me I smell delicious, like lavender.” —Sarah Clagget

“My coworker is yelling, ‘I pooooooped’ from the bathroom and is waiting for me to wipe his butt.” —Lytrell Strayhorn

“One of my coworkers came to work in a ball gown.” —Heather Cavallini

“My coworker ran around the office screaming for snacks and then hid under the couch for, like, 20 minutes. I had to lay on the ground poke his butt with a spatula to get him to come out.” —Shelby Rowe Moyer

“My coworker was definitely out partying late last night. She didn’t even bother to fix her hair, change out of her Elsa pajamas, or brush her teeth.” —Kristy Ford

is an assistant editor at South Sound magazine. Email her.
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