You Put What in Your Coffee?

The secret ingredient you’ll wanna sip

“Um, you put what in your coffee?” I always smile, just waiting for the shock to wear off before I can clearly explain.

“Yup,” I say: “Mushrooms. In my coffee.” But it’s not what you think. They are adaptogenic mushrooms, mind you — not white button or shiitake or the kinds you cook with.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are little superfood-extracted powders that help your body naturally boost, heal, regenerate, and strengthen itself over time, no matter what your body needs in that moment. Nutrition experts say they can read what’s happening in your nervous system, and adjust accordingly.

Sound too good to be true? I know, but these are all just natural mushrooms from the Earth. There’s nothing weird or processed, and they’re nonaddictive, so many native cultures across the world have used them for years for healing and regeneration. They come in powder form that can be added to your daily coffee, matcha, or teas, or can be sipped on their own as a caffeine-free elixir. The most common varieties of these mushrooms are lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordyceps.

My favorite mushroom powder maker is Four Sigmatic. It offers several coffee and hot cacao and other mushroom powders. All of the products are organic and sustainably and wild-crafted, and made to have much lower amounts of acid in the coffees, making it the healthiest coffee I’ve found. The coffee tastes like normal coffee with a touch of earthiness.

It’s one of the best ways I can think of to kick off 2018 the healthy (and delicious) way! I am completely obsessed. On my blog,, I have a lot of drink combo recipes I’ve made with the mushroom powders.


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