White River Valley Museum To Go Retro

With the season three summer release of Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things,” the staff of the White River Valley Museum were inspired by the retro aesthetic of the ’80s. But the sci-fi show also got the staff thinking about what strange artifacts lie within the museum. The combination of ’80s nostalgia and quirky artifacts proved to be the perfect theme for the museum’s Throwback Thursday event, Stranger Things of the White River Valley Museum.

On Aug. 29, the museum will host its “Stranger Things” event from 7–10 p.m. The event will be held at the museum’s new classroom and plaza with plenty of activities to keep guests engaged throughout the night.

To see the museum’s obscure artifacts, guests can go on a tour through the museum’s collection storage and offer up their best guess at what an artifact may be. Some of the strange objects that made the cut for viewing include: a walrus head, a mid-19th-century electric permanent wave machine, and — Museum Director Rachael McAlister’s favorite — a chain letter allegedly dating back to Jesus Christ.

While guests aren’t busy inspecting artifacts, they can hit up the plaza for dancing and the bar. Other activities include an ’80s craft station where guests can make buttons, hair bows, and glasses; a montage of ’80s Saturday morning cartoons; and games like Dungeons & Dragons and Simon. The Stella Fiore food truck will also be making an appearance so guests can fill up on wood-fired pizza.

In sticking with the theme, guests are encouraged to come in their best ’80s attire, as there will be a costume contest. For a final touch, attendees should be on the lookout for “Stranger Things” references throughout the event. While McAlister couldn’t give any specific hints about the hidden references, she said fans of the show will know them when they see them.

This event is for guests 21 and over, but the artifact displays and games will be available to all ages from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1 from noon to 4 p.m.

McAlister said the event is an opportunity for guests to realize there are cool things to do in South Sound, to learn something interesting, and to support their local museum. Purchase tickets to the event here.

Image by radamenes via Creative Commons.

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