Washington’s First HGTV Dream Home Located in Gig Harbor

A 1970's waterfront contemporary home with no identity was transformed with approachable avant-garde design.

Dropping down from a snaking driveway in northwest Gig Harbor is the 2018 HGTV Dream Home flanked by cascading trees and the Puget Sound, which appears to continue endlessly from the entrance of the home.

The 1970’s contemporary house shed its skin of a mossy green and beige exterior coat and took on a bold new identity with charcoal paint. Glass-paneled garage doors and a matching front door will offer a peek into the life of whoever wins the home in the annual sweepstakes. But the dramatic exoskeleton of the house is just the beginning.

For the past several months, the home has undergone major reconstruction to take advantage of the sweeping views and natural light that envelopes every room. The interior vastly contrasts the dark exterior with plentiful light, and bright colors mixed with neutrals to fend off cloudy days.

Upon entering the 3,500-square-foot, 4-bedroom home, guests are met with floor-to-ceiling stationary windows with minimalist design accompanied with pops of pastels and a bevy of sunshine-soaking plants.

“Most people wouldn’t equate the Northwest with pastels, they’d think, like Miami,” said HGTV Dream Home Interior Decorator Brian Patrick Flynn. “But if you’re living in a home, or any place on the planet where you go through spells where you might not have a lot of sunny days, I like the idea of having cheerfulness in a living room played up with pastels to keep things happy on gray days.”

The living spaces commanded attention with simple back drops of wall color and gallery walls of mixed-medium art that added personality and texture to each room.

The bedrooms and bathrooms followed suit, but were also curated with bold paint, wallpaper, and tile. The bedroom on the main floor, which was formerly the master bedroom, was branded millennial pink by the designers who used a blush tone on the walls.

“We consider blush and light pinks as neutral because they really do work with every color on the palette from black and blue to purple and orange,” Flynn said. “So, while the majority of people in real life wouldn’t paint their home blush pink, this is a giveaway home that no one owns. The whole idea is to have at least one room that pushes the envelope to do something that someone might find too bold, and that’s why we have the millennial pink bedroom.”

Murals in the downstairs den living space and in the master bedroom are also a key focal point. An awkward wall in the den that juts out a few inches was transformed into a statement piece — a skyline mural of the Seattle Space Needle juxtaposed with a blush-colored moon.

Murals, expansive artwork or wallpaper are another way Flynn likes to enhance a bedroom wall, like the Visit Washington mural painted in the master bedroom. It creates a conversation focal point during the day, but isn’t distracting at night. Both murals were created by artist Celery Jones, who’s done work in other HGTV homes.

The outdoor patio area might be the most-loved place, Flynn said. The outdoor dining table is framed by the pergola, and the dark colors offer an appealing contrast to the waterfront background.

Flynn spent several months living in Gig Harbor while designing the home. He’s been with the network for seven years and has been designing HGTV Dream Homes for the past three.

Every home stands out as a work of art and there’s something to marvel about in each.

“I love how rugged it is (out here),” Flynn said, reclined casually on a seafoam sofa adorned with patterned pillows. “I love all the massive Evergreens outside with that perfect line of the Puget Sound and the horizon out there. And I love the weather. I do. You come here in the summer and have your windows open all day long and put a sweater on at night, and then you get closer to the end of fall and the beginnings of winter where the clouds just keep morphing all day. It’s very beautiful, and it forces you to stay inside and just cuddle up.”

Whoever wins the sweepstakes will be given the keys to the fully-furnished home, a new Honda Accord, plus $250,000 from the national mortgage lender Quicken Loans — a prize valued at $1.8 million. Starry-eyed hopefuls can start entering Wednesday, Dec. 27 through Friday, Feb. 16. HGTV spokesman Matt Kothe said, anyone who wins this life-changing giveaway can accept the house or opt for a cash prize. At this time HGTV didn’t reveal the dollar amount of the cash prize, but if someone goes that route then HGTV will sell the home.

Watch HGTV at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, Jan. 1 for the premiere showing of the home. Curious for more details? Watch the DIY Behind the Build: HGTV Dream Home special on the DIY Network at 11 p.m. Eastern time, Thursday, Dec. 28.

Stay tuned for more HGTV coverage, including design tips from the HGTV interior decorators to help you take your home design up a notch.

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