Washington is Fourth Most Dangerous State on the Fourth

Washington is the fourth most dangerous state to be in on the Fourth of July according to A Secure Life, a website that shows how to secure your home, your identity, and your belongings.

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The analysts at A Secure Life used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Interagency Fire Center to examine which states are at a higher risk for impaired driving accidents and wildfires, two of the most prevalent dangers on the Fourth of July. The weekend of the Fourth was the second-deadliest day of the year for drivers between 2012 and 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The wildfires are such a danger because of the trademark fireworks that come along with America’s birthday.

Oklahoma ranks number one on the list of the most dangerous states due to its extremely high risk for wildfires on the Fourth. It more than doubles the second-most dangerous state, Idaho, in acres per 10,000. To make matters worse, this first placer also ranked in the top half of states for impaired driving deaths. Second and third place states Idaho and Kansas also ranked high due to both its impaired driving deaths and wildfires.

So while the first three states made sense, Washington’s ranking sort of stumped the analysts.

“Washington was a bit of an outlier on the most dangerous list,” reads the story by A Secure Life. “Despite having one of the lowest risks for impaired driving deaths, its high risk for fires kept it in the top half of our most dangerous states.”

Delaware, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and West Virginia were listed as the five safest states to spend the Fourth of July.

While A Secure Life recommends that you leave the fireworks to the professionals, they also offered the following tips for minimizing the risk for injuries and unwanted fires if you do choose to set off your own:

  1. Find a wide-open fireproof surface
  2. Never use homemade fireworks
  3. Know what to expect from each firework you ignite
  4. Keep a charged hose and a bucket of water nearby
  5. Soak used fireworks in water before disposing
  6. Always have a sober adult supervising

And even though Washington didn’t rank too poorly when it came to impaired driving, it’s still important to be cautious of others when on the road, and to never drink and drive.

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