Wacky Apps

Fair warning: None of the following apps
will boost your productivity
or improve your life (well, maybe?)

Apple and Android
Ever found yourself squirming in your seat during a long movie, wondering what you’ll miss if you run to the restroom? RunPee takes the guesswork out of when to answer nature’s call. The app alerts you when a slow scene is coming so you know when it’s safe to get up without missing a critical twist.

Apple and Android
Most dating apps try to match you with other singles who share the same tastes. Hater takes the opposite approach by introducing you to people who loathe the same things you do. The app even suggests edgy icebreaker conversations so you can ask your date what they think about Taylor Swift, gluten-free desserts, or cargo shorts.

Fake Call
So, you’ve used Hater but now find yourself on the date from hell. Just use Fake Call to make your escape. The app lets you create fake caller IDs and then schedule when you want to receive that important call from your sick grandma. It’s also a perfect way to get out of boring meetings.

Carr Matey
Never worry about losing track of your car again, thanks to Carr Matey. This pirate-themed app marks X on the (parking) spot and then shows you exactly how far away you are from your ride. Simply follow the nautical compass to get back to your ship, um, car.

Games for Pets
Apple and Android
Sometimes bad weather makes it hard to get to the dog park. Thankfully, the Games for Dogs app will let your best friend chase a digital squirrel or make paw prints on the screen. Don’t worry, cat lovers; the Games for Cats version features realistic-looking mice and a laser pointer.

Useless Web
Useless Web is the perfect procrastinating tool. Why work on a big project when you can explore some of the strangest websites imaginable? (Don’t worry; all the sites are work- and family-friendly.) Check out a neon pixel battle, visit the I Am Awesome site, or watch videos of bacon sizzling in a pan. Then skip out for an early lunch.

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