Invest in Yourself at Urban Float

The hustle and bustle of daily life can often leave us stressed, anxious, and overstimulated. I often desire the ability to just shut it all out for any given time — to turn off my phone, put down the to-do list, and focus on myself.

At Urban Float, I can do just that. A float session allows individuals the ability to have complete serenity and peace for 60 minutes at a time. Whether you are seeking out these moments for physical, mental, or emotional benefits, the therapy is well worth your time.

Before trying it out for myself, I was very skeptical of the float trend I heard buzzing around. I tend to have a constant to-do list in my head at all times, and no matter what, I find it difficult to not think about what is next in my day.

However, after seconds in the tank, I completely forgot what I was doing. My thoughts turned off, my body relaxed, and for an entire hour I felt completely at peace.


“Floating has been around for more than 40 years, but as this form of therapy has become more popular among elite athletes and celebrities, the concept has ultimately reached urban professionals, students, parents — really anyone in need of a break from the daily stresses of the fast-paced digital world,” Urban Float Co-Founder Joe Beaudry said.

Each interaction leading up to the float was tranquil in itself. The employees explained everything that I would do during the session, offered me water or tea, and even let me choose the music I desired for my time in the tank.

After being ushered to my private room, I was in awe of the pod in front of me. The futuristic white capsule was the star of the room, adjacent to a shower and changing area.

I was anxious about being inside an enclosed pod at first; however, you have the option to leave the lid open for airflow and can close it at any time.

The pod is filled with 200 gallons of purified water and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt — which I must admit, like all salt, felt weird once dried on my skin.

The water is set to skin temperature and the buoyancy of the water guarantees that even if you fall asleep, you will still float. Once in the tank, it was difficult to tell between my body, water, and air.

For a full hour, I felt it was all about me — and hey, everyone needs some “me” time every now and then. The moment my time was up, all I could think about was when I could go back. For the rest of the day I felt calm and rejuvenated, and I had the best night of sleep of my life.

The floating experience is more of a luxury at the price, but investing in yourself and your health is so important. For more information on locations and pricing, visit Urban Float online. The company has two locations in Seattle, one in Kirkland, one in Renton, and one opening soon in University Place.

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