Ups, Downs, and Oddities of this Presidential Election

Photo by Flickr user Gage Skidmore

Photo by Flickr user Gage Skidmore

The University of Puget Sound announced a new free political lecture series hot off the heels of the latest Republican debate. The free six-lecture series “Who Will Win the White House” will run Jan. 21–April 28, 2016, on campus in McIntyre Hall, Room 103. Political scientist Michael Artime and presidential historian and UPS alum Mike Purdy will talk about the 2016 campaign, adding historical insight to their critique of the presidential run.

“We could see a brokered Republican Convention in 2016, and that’s something we’ve not had since 1952,” Purdy said in a statement. “Normally the convention is just pageantry, with the candidate already selected, but this time delegates could be free to vote as they wish on the second round, which will mean some real horse-brokering going on. At this point it’s really a very fluid situation.”

This will be the subject of Artime and Purdy’s first talk “The Long Road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” at 7pm on Thursday, Jan. 21. While they have specific subjects they plan to cover, the overall goal of the series is to engage with students and residents.

“Initially we hope to get students and the public interested in the political process, and if they are, then voting is the natural outcome,” Artime said in a statement. “Ultimately we hope that this understanding will help motivate students and citizens to be politically active and do more about the issues they care about.”

Full Schedule (all lectures are free and open to the public):

January 21: The Long Road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

February 18: Who Wants to be President?

March 10: What do the Candidates Believe?

March 24: What Voters and States Will Elect the Next President?

April 14: How Accurate are the Polls?

April 28: Media Marketing and the Making of the President

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