Uplift Tacoma Lifts Our Spirits Through a Digital Multimedia Platform

In trying times, we all need something to help lift our spirits up. Tacoma residents have always had a special love for arts and culture. Art is a way of expression and storytelling can empower our voices in these unprecedented times of physical distancing. That is why the Office of Arts and Cultural Vitality launched an initiative called Uplift Tacoma which seeks to engage the community through a creative, empowering digital media outlet. Uplift Tacoma is a multimedia platform designed to share creative content from local artists and organizations in the hope to inspire, empower, and connect with the community.

Uplift Tacoma distributes its content through social media, TV Tacoma, and a website designed for easy access to local performances, music, visual arts, and other creative innovations. Local artists and supporters of the arts can get involved by submitting performances, taking virtual tours, participating in workshops, and sharing other forms of virtual content. The platform is inclusive of a wide variety of creative content submissions from DIY to professional pieces of work.

To learn more about how to participate and engage with local cultural partners, visit this website.

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