UberEATS Launches in Tacoma

Enjoy food from your favorite Tacoma restaurants delivered straight to your door.

Foodies rejoice! As of today, Tacoma residents have further reason to stay inside and be couch potatoes — UberEATS will deliver your favorite food items from more than 100 Tacoma-area restaurants, straight to your door.

The same company that provides people with rides at the touch of a button is now doing the same for food.

UberEATS Tacoma

UberEATS Tacoma, courtesy of UberEATS

Seven days a week, residents and visitors to Tacoma and neighboring cities can order their favorite food from local diners, restaurants, chains, and more. You can order off the full menus of many venues, with free delivery to your home for a limited time in celebration of the app’s local launch. All food prices are set by the restaurants. Uber will add a delivery fee of $3.99 after the promotional launch period.

Noteworthy restaurants participating include Shake Shake Shake, Blazing Onion Burgers, La Waffletz, and Peterson Bros. 1111, among others.

The UberEATS app is a separate, standalone app from the Uber rideshare service, and you can download it for free for both Android and iOS.

Internationally, UberEATS is now offered in more than 50 cities with growing popularity. There’s even a video Uber released last spring with testimonies from restaurant owners in Los Angeles and Chicago who say they’ve experienced positive effects from using the platform. There also are opportunities for delivery partners and anyone interested in driving for UberEATS can visit the delivery partner page at ubereats.com.


is a staff writer at South Sound magazine.
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