Top Stories of 2019

Just like that, another year zipped by and we are days away from a new decade. With 2020 upon us, our staff has been reflecting on 2019 and what we’ve accomplished. As it turns out, it’s even more than we realized. 

In 2019 alone, we’ve written 2,101 stories and 532 newsletters across all four of our magazines. Our team loves telling local stories and we appreciate all the support we get from our readers. 

Here’s another look at our top stories from the year. We hope you enjoy them.

See you in 2020!

1. Women to Watch 2019

This year’s Women to Watch represent a culmination of little steps they’ve taken for years, some even decades, to get where they are now. Each of these boot-strapping women started somewhere, and they all shared with us their stories of where their journey began and how difficult it was. Read more.

2. Best of the South Sound 2019

Thousands of readers voted in our annual Best of the South Sound, and here are the 2019 winners revealed. Read more.

3. New Park Opens with Chutes-and-Ladder-Style Slides

The peninsula formed from by-product of the ASARCO smelter once inspired science fiction author Frank Herbert’s dystopian novel. On July 6, the same site opened as an idyllic community park. Read more.

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