Review: Tinder Live with Lane Moore

What’s spookier than online dating? Tinder Live with Lane Moore: Halloween Edition!

Men and women alike filled the seats at Tacoma’s Pantages Theater last Friday for a fun-filled evening with comedian Lane Moore for Tinder Live, a show where Moore explores the wild world of online dating in real time. Moore, who has made appearances on hit shows like HBO’s Girls, started the show by sharing screenshots of some of her all-time favorite Tinder profiles, which included a colorful cast of characters each with his (or her) own hilarious quirks.

As a special Halloween edition of the show, Moore — who was dressed in a bright-orange, Halloween-themed dress; skeleton leggings; and a big fur coat — was joined by special guests Del Brown and Najamoniq Todd of the popular Tacoma band Mirrorgloss to judge a costume contest on stage before taking her own Tinder account live.

Costumes included a pair of friends dressed as “Netflix” and “Chill,” a group of woodland creatures, and a 1920s-era flapper, among others, including the winner — a bright and colorful fairy “mod” mother.

Following the costume contest, Moore fired up her Tinder account for an interactive evening of matchmaking mayhem.

As Moore swiped through local profiles, she encouraged the audience to help her determine whether she should swipe left (to pass) or right (to match). “You guys choose my sexual destiny,” she said.

Each time she swiped, you could feel the tension in the room as audience members with active Tinder accounts paused to see if theirs would be the next profile to display on the screen. At one point, an audience member shouted, “I know him,” when a Tinder user he recognized as a former co-worker appeared on the screen.

Hilarity ensued as Moore continued to match with Tinder users, starting real-time conversations complete with outlandish gifs and unusual emoji combinations.

The critically acclaimed show, which has been described by The New York Times as “seriously funny,” closed with widespread applause, and audience members still could be heard laughing even after they exited the theater.

The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma hosts a variety of productions, ranging from comedy shows to musical performances and everything in between.

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