The Washington State Historical Society Needs Your Help

The Washington State Historical Society is requesting assistance from the public to evaluate markers, monuments, and plaques across the state.

The new project works in tandem with the organization’s recently issued Statement of Commitment that examines its past in order to build a more inclusive future. 

The society’s goal is to work with local communities to develop an inventory of historical markers and audit them for physical integrity and historical accuracy. To do this, the group has asked the public to contribute. 

“When you find a marker or monument that is attributed to the Washington State Historical Society, please send us a link to the GIS coordinates in Google maps, along with photographs of the item and its surroundings,” said Allison Campbell, the organization’s heritage outreach manager, in a release.

Information can be sent to, Campbell said.

“The Washington State Historical Society was founded in 1891, and today, 129 years later, the way we interpret and teach history has evolved,” Campbell added. “We recognize that history has multiple perspectives and includes important stories that are often overlooked or ignored due to racial, gender, or other biases. It’s time for a thorough review of commemorative pieces representing Washington’s history.”

The Washington State Historical Society will facilitate a public dialogue around the markers, monuments, and plaques identified for possible changes. 

For more information, please visit the Washington State Historical Society website.


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