The Sasquatch Myth Continues with New Exhibit

The Lacey Museum hosts the new exhibit “Sasquatch Revealed,” giving viewers more insight into the Pacific Northwest legend.

As one of the hotbeds for Sasquatch sightings, it seems fitting the Pacific Northwest is welcoming an exhibit dedicated to the creature. On May 31, the Lacey Museum opened up its newest exhibit, “Sasquatch Revealed,” to highlight the history of the human-like beast and some of the strongest pieces of evidence for its existence. The exhibit’s curator is Christopher Murphy, a Sasquatch expert from Canada, whose massive collection of Sasquatch artifacts is one of the largest collections in the world.

The exhibit is divided between the Lacey Museum and Lacey City Hall. For the exhibit’s opening day, City Hall hosted several lectures on Sasquatch, from its communication styles to stories from a field researcher. While most of the exhibit’s artifacts and displays are at the museum, some interesting displays at City Hall include a nine-foot human skeleton with Sasquatch proportions and famous footprint casts.

At the Lacey Museum, Sasquatch casts, pictures, and skulls have taken over the museum’s main display room. The exhibitwalks viewers through Sasquatch’s history and role in Native American culture to its rising interest within pop culture. Most of the exhibit, though, offers displays aimed at trying to prove the existence of some giant being roaming the Pacific Northwest. Some key displays are accounts of Sasquatch sightings from across Washington and British Columbia, a photo breakdown of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, and various footprint casts.

The “Sasquatch Revealed” exhibit will be available for viewing at both the museum and city hall until Aug. 31, 2019. For more details click here.

In the meantime, did you know…

  • The terms Sasquatch and Bigfoot both refer to the same creature, but Sasquatch is used more in Canada, while Bigfoot is the common name used in the states.
  • The name Bigfoot was coined in 1958 when a newspaper in California covered reports of a creature leaving big footprints. As the story grew the creature’s name was shortened to “Bigfoot” and the name stuck.
  • Legends and different versions of Sasquatch can be found in accounts from the Native American tribes of Puyallup and Thurston County.
  • A footprint cast from Bluff Creek, California made in 1958 is likely one of the most duplicated Sasquatch casts.
  • Christopher Murphy, the exhibit curator, has been sharing his collection of Sasquatch evidence with museums since 2004.


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