The Mad Scientist of Coffee

Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience

Photo by Brendan Paul


Owners Gretchen and Joshua Boyt. Photo by Chelle Nichole

For serious java lover Joshua Boyt, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. And Metronome Coffee on 6th Avenue in Tacoma isn’t just his café — it’s his playground. “We do amazing, mad science things with coffee” said Boyt, who co-owns Metronome with his wife, Gretchen. Boyt worked in sales for local Dillanos Coffee Roasters, opening cafés across the country for years. He dreamt of developing his own coffee experience that would be unlike any other café in the area. The couple opened Metronome in 2011. Boyt collects gadgets, including state-of-the-art brewing machines and an Australian pancake machine that can make a stack of pancakes with a flip of a switch or pancake pockets with Nutella or jelly inside (we’ve heard they’re some of the best pancakes in town). But all of the gadgets in the world are not as important to Boyt as what the coffee actually does: bring people together. Metronome is about serving quality coffee in an environment that is communal, open and shared. From a regular brewed cup of joe to a 12-hour, cold-brewed coffee that tastes more like tea, Metronome makes every cup from the heart. Boyt says that’s what it’s all about: “We’re in a people business but the medium is coffee.”

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