The Honesty Test

Locals recently participated in a national honesty experiment to see how many people would pay or not pay based on the honor system. Pop-up stands stocked with Honest Tea beverages in Seattle and a jar asking for $1, deciphered the honest individuals from the takers. Overall, Northwest folks proved to be an ethical group with a 96 percent honesty rating, right below Salt Lake City and Oakland who achieved 100 percent honesty ratings. Here are the other results.

  • Northwest men were 78 percent honest, which was higher than women, who were just 73 percent honest.
  • People here who were wearing plaid were 86 percent honest.
  • In the Northwest, guys with beards were 96 percent honest.
  • Blondes (66 percent) and gray-haired people (72 percent) were not as honest brunettes (73 percent).
  • In the Northwest folks on skateboards were less honest than people on bikes.
is a contributor to South Sound magazine.
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