The Fair For the Foodie

We know that many of our readers dream year round of the day that they will once again step onto the Puyallup fairgrounds and be welcomed by the smell of fried food and a waiting smorgasbord of time-honored culinary fair traditions. For anyone who is a “Fair Foodie” in the making, check out which places made our short list. You might have to come back a few times to hit all the stops, take a Fair Food Map along with you so you don’t miss any!

Photos by Kari Vandraiss

If you see a line forming around the corner, you know you’re coming up to a Fisher’s scones stand. The wait is more than worth it for these handmade scones with raspberry jam filling- you’ll be tempted to buy a bakers dozen for only $13.

Almost every hamburger stand at the Fair boasts a ‘world-famous’ burger, but Earthquake Burger takes top billing. Their burger may be too large to finish alone, especially with all of the other stops to make!

Nobody doughs it better” than the folks at the Elephant Ear stand. This pancake of fried dough the size of an elephant ear, topped with cinnamon and raspberry jam will fill you up for at least an hour or two.

Escape the crowd in The Bistro beer garden, a kid-free (and much quieter) area serving beer, wine, and mixed drinks to those over 21. Admission is free and you can bring in your own food, although there are hors d’oeuvres after 3pm. A great place to relax for a few minutes before you continue on to the next spot on your list.

If you like to stick to old-fashioned favorites you can’t go wrong with a funnel cake, deep fried cake with sugar, whipped cream, or the topping of your choice.

For a stellar sausage, visit Zeigler’s Bratwurst, the Krusty Pup, or the Sausage Shack.

For a break from eating, catch a cooking demonstration sponsored by Americraft near the main Fair entrance

Head to the Long-Horn BBQ for some authentic country cooking, and make sure to get lots of extra napkins.

Last but not least, what would the Fair be without some deep fried…pickles? That’s right, at Totally Fried you can get everything from a deep fried snickers bar to deep fried lemonade. There’s a first time for everything!

If you have room for a snack between these stops, keep an eye out for fair staples like grilled corn, cow chip cookies, caramel apples, seasoned cashews, and Nutty Dips hand-dipped ice cream.

Come hungry, leave absolutely stuffed. You might have to called the Cowboy Express to take you back across the fairgrounds!

If deep fried isn’t your style, check out the Healthy Fare Menu 

Make sure to try out the new food options at the Fair!


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