‘The Christmas Revels’ Takes Viewers to Ancient Wales

Dragons, harps, magic, singing, and dance, oh my! The Puget Sound Revels 2016 production of The Christmas Revels is almost here.

The Christmas Revels will run Dec. 17 to 21 at the Rialto Theatre. This is the 23rd year the Puget Sound Revels have performed at the Rialto since their first show in 1994.

Photo courtesy Puget Sound Revels via Facebook.

Photo courtesy Puget Sound Revels via Facebook.

The Christmas Revels is a Welsh celebration of the winter solstice, incorporating traditional folk lore, music, dance, carols, processionals, and tales. It brings together adults and children, amateurs and professionals, and audience members and players.

While referring to ancient tradition, the show is set in a different time and place every year, yet provides a similar experience. The winter themes of light and dark are always to be expected, along with traditions such as specific creatures, dances, songs poems, and carols.

This year’s production is set in the Celtic nation of Wales, known for music, magic, and mythology, in the time of sorcerers, shape-shifters, ghostly horses, and dragons. Wales is also the place of origin of magicians Merlin and Taliesin. Christmas in Wales is a time for friends and family to gather, making it a perfect setting for The Christmas Revels.

The show will feature several industry professionals, including the musical duo Deuair. Coming all the way from Wales, Deuair is Ceri Owen-Jones on harp and triple harp, and Elsa Davies on fiddle and the crwth, an archaic stringed instrument.

The show consists of 60 to 90 performers, including the Puget Sound Revels adult and children’s choruses, the Seattle Brass Ensemble, and many actors, storytellers, singers, dancers, and instrumentalists from the community.

The Puget Sound Revels have events running year-round, including concerts, outdoor celebrations, pub sings, workshops, and educational opportunities for all ages.

Tickets for The Christmas Revels range from $12 to $34.50. You can find additional information on the Puget Sound Revels’ website or by visiting The Christmas Revels event page on Facebook.

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