TEDx Tacoma

Tacoma is abundant with people who are making a difference. As a writer for South Sound, my job is to talk to local people who are changing our community and often our state, nation, and world.  Through business, art, science, education and often the simple act of kindness our community continues to evolves because of passionate individuals with big ideas. I tell their stories in hopes of exposing the great influence Tacoma has. But I only write things down. I wish everyone could see these people in action, making big changes with brushstrokes, lab tests and handshakes every day.

TEDx Tacoma is a conference where you can meet some of the incredible individuals who have made an imprint on our culture. Maybe you’ve heard of these people and maybe you haven’t.  Regardless, they are your neighbors and they have some great ideas worth spreading.

There is a long application and audition process to become a TEDx speaker. So in short, all these speakers are going to be phenomenal.  But if I had to highlight two, these would be them.

Ss_12_AugSept_CoverLowResChris Britt – Cartoonist

Chris is a newspaper cartoonist (there aren’t many these days) whose work is distributed to over 200 newspaper clients nationally and internationally. Chris actually rents an office in our building and has worked on a few projects with our production team (left). When you first meet Chris it’s hard to imagine that he’s as extraordinarily successful as he is because he’s so kind and humble. You’d think that someone whose work has been published in Newsweek, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today (to name a few) would have a smidge of an ego. But it’s literally nonexistent when he stops to make conversation in the hall. He will likely talk about his current political cartoons.

Amy E. Ryken – Professor of Education

As the daughter of a high school English teacher, the education system has always baffled and inspired me. Teachers are stuggling to be everything they want to be in a world where test scores measure leaning. Ryken teaches in a Master of Arts in Teaching program at the University of Puget Sound where she and her students grapple with the tension of teaching the mandated school curriculum while also responding to the authentic questions students pose.

Click here to learn about the other speakers.

TEDx Tacoma will take place from 3-10:30pm (including a dinner break) on Friday, May 3 at the Theatre on the Square, Broadway Center. Tickets are $79.

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