Take An Awwww-inspiring Trip To Northwest Trek

There have been more than a few new arrivals at Eatonville’s Northwest Trek. This spring, there have been five orange bison calves, an elk calf, two bighorn sheep lambs, and trumpeter swan goslings. There are two caribou calves who aren’t ready for the public eye just yet, and are still behind the scenes.

And there may be even more cute babies on the way. Elk calves and deer fawns are expected this summer. That means even more cute, fuzzy, fluffy, aww-worthy friends to visit this summer.

The baby animals – especially those beaver kits – are worth the trip, but another thing to see is the American bison, which was recently named National Mammal. Back in 1971, Northwest Trek was gifted six animals from the National Bison Range in Montana. They’ve been a mainstay of the wildlife park since.

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