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Northwest Flower & Garden Festival Blooms Virtually

The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival will sprout a hub of resources for education and shopping.


The Fernseed Opens New Sustainable Stem Bar

Katherine Raz, owner of The Fernseed on Proctor, has just debuted a South Tacoma Way location.


Feed Your Spring Fever

The Northwest Flower and Garden Festival is just around the corner.

Pacific Trillium

Appreciate (But Don’t Pick) the Spring Ephemerals

South Sound spring ephemerals begin blooming the minute the temperature starts warming up, i.e. right now. Spring ephemeral plants are just as the name implies.


Add Splashes of Color to Your Summer Garden

Yellows, oranges, and reds change the calm of early summer’s pastels into blazing combinations.

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Northwest Flower & Garden Show


Extend Summer Color Through Fall

Annuals and perennials are the answer.


10 Mother’s Day Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!

May 8th is the time to celebrate the women in your life who have mothered you.


Wildflower Season Approaches at Mt. Rainier

Venture to Mt. Rainier for a chance to experience one of the region’s most gorgeous natural displays: wildflower season.

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