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Holiday Fun at the Pierce County Library

Looking for free family fun this holiday season? The Pierce County Library System has a plenty of ac


Skate Your Summer Away

One activity we can enjoy all year long is skating. We’re talking about roller skating.

Metro Parks Tacoma

Get Active, Healthy, and Happy as a Family

Check Out the New Cool Pool The long-awaited Eastside Community Center is now open. Its pool is open to the public and boasts splashy fun

lori05871 via flickr back to school

Back-to-School Solutions

We tackle the back-to-school blues with favorite solutions for all your fall dilemmas.

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The 'I’m Bored' Blues Indoor Survival Guide (for Kids)

When the weather's too hot — or too rainy — for outside play, try one of these fun indoor options.


Make Olympia Your Day-Trip Destination

If you’re a Tacoma resident, you probably don’t find yourself on I-5 South heading to Olympia very often, but it’s packed with unique waterfront activities


End-of-Summer Fun

Our favorite places to go when we want to make the world our classroom.


Summer Simplicity

Relaxing outdoor adventures.


Six End of Summer Activities

Don't miss the fun before fall.

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