Tacoma’s Adriatic Grill closing after 11 years

After over a decade in business, Adriatic Grill Italian Cuisine and Wine Bar is closing. Its last day of business will be February 25, 2018.

The beloved Tacoma restaurant opened in 2007 under Chef Bill Trudnowski. Trudnowski’s wife, Monique, manages the bar and front-of-house operations. Adriatic Grill currently employs 36 people, six of whom are family members.

Signature dishes include rigatoni with Bolognese sauce, clam linguine, thin crust pizza, and porcini mushroom soup. The restaurant has been voted Best Italian of the South Sound by South Sound magazine readers on multiple occasions. Trudnowski has been voted Best Chef more than once as well.

The restaurant’s closure is due to the sale of the property by the building’s owner. After the sale, Adriatic Grill’s lease was terminated.

“When I initially heard of the landlord’s desire to sell, I was in talks to get funding to buy the building,” Trudnowski said. “My goal was for the Adriatic Grill to remain here and continue to employ all of our great crewmembers and give back to the community.”

Despite the closure, Trudnowski said he hopes this will not be the end of the restaurant for good.

“I’m hoping to find another spot where the Adriatic Grill can re-emerge someday soon. Tacoma needs their mushroom soup!” he said. “I love my guests, and I love my crew. This is heartbreaking.”

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