Tacoma REACH Center Celebrates 10 Years

The REACH Center, a Tacoma-based youth and young adult services agency has spent the last decade impacting tens of thousands of people in the greater Puget Sound region with its education, housing, and life skills development programs. It celebrates 10 years of service today, Monday, Sept. 23.

reach center

REACH Center staff / Courtesy of the center

Looking back on the work it’s done, REACH Center staff are proud to report massive headway in Tacoma high school graduation rates — from 55 percent in 2010 to 89 percent in 2018 — a decrease in gang activity, and its work at the forefront of programming for youth homelessness.

“This major milestone year for The REACH Center would not be possible without the support of our partners,” said Nick Bayard, director of REACH. “We look forward to many more years learning and growing alongside our community in order to continue to deliver tangible supports such as education, employment, and housing services along with the intangible supports of community connection, personal growth and empowerment, and restorative practices.”

The center is located at Goodwill’s Milgard Work Opportunity Center in downtown Tacoma and is financially sponsored by Tacoma Community House, among other partners, including The Russell Family Foundation.

Looking ahead, the center announced it wants to spend the next 10 years “working to develop and act as an anti-racist institution aiming to combat ongoing disparities related to educational metrics, homelessness data, criminal justice outcomes, and access to behavioral and physical health systems,” according to a news release. It also aims to shift its focus on become more of a healing organization, with the understanding that trauma can be a major hinderance for self-actualization.

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