Tacoma Little Theatre Program Brings Local Playwrights to the Virtual Screen

Tacoma Little Theatre is delivering Buenas Noches Mamá to the virtual screen as part of its Page to Screen program.

The play is both written and directed by local playwright Emily Cohen The live virtual reading will take place on Saturday, Jan. 9, at 7:30 p.m.

The Page to Screen program is an initiative that gives local playwrights a chance to submit scripts ranging in length and genre for the consideration of being performed virtually.

The premise of Buenas Noches Mamá involves a character named Pablo and the significance of what is known as the Dirty War in Argentinian history — a tragic period between 1976 and 1983 when the disappearance of up to 30,000 of its own people, including women and children, occurred during a military coup.

The play follows Pablo as he uncovers the truth about the illicit adoption by a military family and learns about his true birth mother, Sofia, the history of her disappearance, and what came after.

The free reading of Buenas Noches Mamá will be performed by a cast that includes Marilyn Bennett, Meleesa Knappert, Ria Nex, W. Scott Pinkston, Alex Peri, Deya Ozburn, Kyle Sinclair, Jeremy Thompson, and LaNita Hudson Walters.

The production will be available on TLC’s website, or YouTube. For additional information call the box office at (253) 272-2281, or visit here to make a donation.

Have a play you’d like to present for consideration? Find out more here.

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