Tacoma Firelogs Burn Clean

About six years ago, Fred Tebb and Sons found a way to use the waste from cutting lumber by compressing it into firelogs.

The lumber company came  up with Tacoma Firelogs. The log is made from compressed wood, with no need for waxes.


Tacoma Firelogs with fire starters. Photo by Karen Miller.

“It burns hot and burns clean,” said Caitlin Tebb, who is the fourth generation of the Tebb family.

The wood is fused together with extreme pressure. The logs last about two hours in a fireplace.

Fred Tebb and Sons is a longtime Tacoma family business based near the Port of Tacoma. Since 1965, the company has made high-grade lumber. It even makes the wood used in sound boards for Steinway Pianos.

Tacoma Firelogs are a division of Fred Tebb and Sons’ business. The logs are kiln-dried and don’t use wax or binders. The wood used is often Sitka Spruce, Hemlock, Alder, and other high-quality woods, Caitlin Tebb said.

A machine shrink wraps Tacoma Firelogs. Photo by Karen Miller

A machine shrink wraps Tacoma Firelogs. Photo by Karen Miller

The making of the logs is a quick production. Every seven seconds, a three-pound Tacoma Firelog is made.

Each box of Tacoma Firelogs includes eight firelogs and one fire starter. They can be used in wood-burning stoves, firepits, fireplaces and elsewhere.

Visit tacomafirelogs.com for more.

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