Tacoma Dance Walker

Ever wonder who the woman grooving her way up and down the streets of Tacoma is? Her name is Felicia Bachtman and she is Tacoma’s “Dance Walker.” We asked her a few questions:

What prompted dance walking?
“It just evolved from listening to music while I walked. I just started moving.”

How long have you been dance walking?
I started dance walking 10 years ago in Gig Harbor while my kids went to Hosanna Christian School. Living in Tacoma meant I was doing a lot of driving, and dance walking kept me out of traffic while allowing me to get exercise and have fun.”

What’s the most “unusual” comment you’ve received?
“A police officer stopped me in Tacoma and asked me if I was ‘flipping my skirt.’ I was too shocked to speak.

How about the most touching comment?
“A woman standing in the rain came up to me and gave me a Christmas card. I don’t know who she was, but I cried.”

What’s on your playlist?
“I like a little bit of everything —Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, ‘N Sync, local Vicci Martinez, Chaka Khan and more. I like to start out slow with artists like Josh Groban and Barlow Girl, and then speed it up.”

Anything else you would like others to know?
“It’s my family and mostly my husband I think about when I’m out dancing. I’m a daughter, wife, mother, in-law and grandmother — I’m just like everyone else, I just happen to get my groove on.”

is a staff writer at South Sound magazine. Email her.
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