Tacoma Boutique is Fashion-Forward for All

In the ever-expanding landscape of Point Ruston, a small boutique with a unique vision has snagged a central spot. Rebels & Lovers, a highly curated clothing store at an accessible price point, moved into and designed an open, sun-soaked storefront directly across from the movie theater in May. Previously located in Palm Springs, California, the boutique relocated to Tacoma — a process that resulted in a shift in its vision toward fashion-forward inclusivity for people of all genders and sizes.

“In this location, we see a very broad range of people, which has actually prompted us to expand what we offer,” said Daniel Hammett, marketing coordinator for Rebels & Lovers.

In their previous location, Hammett said, the customer base tended to be women in their 20s and 30s. In Tacoma, however, the store has been pleasantly surprised to see a diverse customer base walk through the doors. To accommodate, the store has added a men’s line and more plus-sized clothing, Hammett said.

Rebels & LoversIn addition to serving its mixed demographics, it also balances fashion pieces for the different sides that each individual possesses. The name, Hammett said, is based on the idea that every person has two sides: a rebel and a lover. At the boutique, people can appease both sides in their wardrobe by finding pieces that are both soft and edgy.

“We really go for texture, print mixing, more modern colors,” said Hammett. “We try to focus on details and surprising combinations.”

Run by a team of five people, the store is special thanks, in part, to the community atmosphere it fosters. Stylist Kelsey Griess said that she consistently sees about 50 repeat customers, many of whom she gets to know in the process of helping them find styles that elevate their wardrobe.

“I feel like we make really good connections with our customers,” she said. “I think that’s what makes it different. I’ve heard a lot of feedback from shoppers who say that we make them feel really comfortable when they come in.”

Price points are moderate: Button-down shirts go for about $30, and accessories start between $10 and $20. The most expensive brand the store sells is Free People, which typically ranges between $100 and $200, depending on the piece.

“We provide a variety, because we want fashion to be accessible financially,” said Hammett. “We also don’t want it to be intimidating. We try to help them find pieces that go with the outfit they’re wearing, or what they already have. We want people to walk in here feeling comfortable and out of here feeling more fashionable.”

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