Sweater Weather in 1884

Cozy crew necks and enamel mugs appeal to true Tacomans.

When Nick Casanova couldn’t find Tacoma apparel that he wanted to wear, he went out and created it himself.

1884 is the latest creative venture from Casanova, one-half of the husband and wife team behind UXC (formerly known as UrbanXchange). After a successful release of now sold-out hats in partnership with Ebbets Fields Flannels, 1884 debuted a crew neck sweater along with camping style mugs on November 12.

1884 Crew Neck Sweater

Photo by Danny Owens

Available for $42 in light gray, charcoal, and black, the light-weight sweaters are a must-have for every Tacoman this holiday season. Their minimalist design and subtle statement appeal to a wide range of styles and ages, and they feel like an absolute dream inside — soft and cozy for chilly nights in the Pacific Northwest. Along with the input of wife Brooke Casanova, Nick’s vision became a successful reality with the design help of Year Round Co.

“My goal was to be able to create something simple that reached out to your die-hard Tacoma fan who sees it, knows what it is, (and) wants it. Or that individual walking down the street, walks in, sees it, doesn’t know what it is but loves it, and wants it.”

Situated on downtown Tacoma’s trendy Pacific Avenue, UXC has undergone a major transformation over the last three years. Nick and Brooke Casanova took over the consignment shop from Brooke’s mother, and they began a rebrand of the Tacoma establishment. Now, the store is helping establish a new “look” to Tacoma pride with 1884.

 The brand’s name refers to a significant year in the history of Tacoma. 1884 was the year when City Tacoma (Old Tacoma) and neighboring New Tacoma merged to form a single city named Tacoma. Can you imagine how confusing it must’ve been prior?

What lies at the heart of the brand is love for the City of Destiny, 253, or T-Town — all names used for Tacoma. It’s a love that expands across demographics and neighborhoods, which is why the photoshoot for the sweater’s release featured Tacoma locals. Keeping with the mindset of remaining true to the city’s roots, the shoot also included the work of local talent: photography by Danny Owens, hair by Brooke Lockhart Bernard, and styling by Brooke Casanova.

As an entrepreneur and creative, Nick Casanova has ambitious plans for the future of 1884, but he wants to establish the brand in the minds of locals first. For now, he’ll continue to release a limited quantity of items throughout the year to high anticipation.

You can order your 1884 sweater or mug online, but we’d suggest grabbing one in-person to avoid disappointment (inventory is going quickly). Purchase online at www.uxctacoma.com or visit the store at 1932 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA.

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