Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog

We can say with confidence that every pup we know is on Santa’s nice list. If you want to show your dog what a good boy he’s been this year, stuff his stocking with some of these great products.

Paw-shaped stocking – $14.99

pets, dogs, holidays, stocking stuffers

Courtesy I Heart Dogs.

First and foremost, your dog needs a stocking. This paw-shaped stocking is the perfect size and shape for all their gifts. It comes in green or red plaid with a little felt bone where you can write your best friend’s name. Best of all, proceeds from this purchase go to feeding hungry shelter dogs.

A trendy silicone dog tag – $24.95

pets, dogs, holidays, gifts, stocking stuffers

Courtesy Qalo.

Personalize that pup’s collar with an ID tag that not only has their name and contact information, but a unique design suited for your dog’s personality. Plus, the silicon material is scratch resistant and nice and quiet (leave the jingling to the bells).

Snout Soother for a crusty pup – $13.95

pets, dogs, holidays, gifts, stocking stuffers

Courtesy Natural Dog Company.

If your dog’s nose has gotten chapped and cracked this winter, give the gift of a soothed sniffer. Natural Dog Company produces this organic, vegan, scent-free, rejuvenating balm to heal a snout effectively and quickly.

Ancestry test for your dog – $159.00

dogs, pets, stocking stuffers, gifts

Courtesy Amazon.

If you already did a DNA test to find out your ancestry, why not do one for your dog? Don’t worry, he doesn’t need to pee on his family tree to get the results — it’s just a cheek swab. This at-home test will reveal your dog’s true breed, health and aging information, traits that could be passed on to potential puppies, and ancestry all the way back to his great-grandpuppers.

Candy cane matching pajamas for the whole family – starting at $19.99

stocking stuffers, pets, dogs, holidays, gifts

Courtesy Pajamagram.

Do you and your family have the holiday tradition of wearing matching pajamas every year? Well, your dog is part of the family and should participate in that tradition, too. You can buy a whole set of matching pajamas at Pajamagram – an outfit for mom, for dad, for all the kids, and for your candy cane canine.

Tennis Ball Nerf Blaster – $13.99

pets, dogs, stocking stuffers

Courtesy Amazon.

Instead of buying a nerf gun for your child and a tennis ball thrower for your dog, combine the two for endless fun for everyone. The Tennis Ball Blaster will skyrocket a tennis ball up to 50 feet in the air. And once your dog fetches the ball, you can reload the blaster hands-free.

A holiday bandana that says, “Feliz Naughty Dog” – $8.50

pets, holidays, dogs, stocking stuffers

Courtesy PawsitivityDesigns via Etsy.

If your dog has actually been on the naughty list, this gift will give just the right amount of shame while still looking adorable. This festive bandana is perfect for holiday cards with your naughty pup.

A lump of coal chew toy – $14.95

dogs, stocking stuffers, pets, holidays

Courtesy Amazon.

Okay, one more for the naughty dog. If your dog has gotten into the garbage or eaten the cat’s poo just before the holidays, you probably don’t feel like spoiling them. Instead, order them a chew toy labeled “coal” to put in their stocking Christmas Eve instead of any treats.

A puppy portrait pillow – $51.95

pets, stocking stuffers, dogs, gifts

Courtesy DesignMyDog via Etsy.

This Etsy seller will turn a photo of your dog into a hand-drawn portrait, plastered on a throw pillow for your home. This is the perfect gift for a handsome dog who loves to sleep on the couch.

A Christmas outfit – $11.00 – $22.00

dogs, pets, stocking stuffers, holidays, gifts

Courtesy IrinasSTRICKMODE via Etsy.

Pick out some festive flair for every dog on your list. For a handsome boy, order a Christmas bowtie. For a fashionable lady, a holiday dress. And for your old man pup, dress him up like Old Man Christmas with a knitted santa hat and scarf.

A Comfort Cuddler for your nervous pup – $14.99

pets, dogs, holidays, stocking stuffers, gifts

Courtesy I Heart Dogs.

If your dog gets anxious and sad when you’re away, even if just for a few minutes, this is the perfect gift for them. The Comfort Cuddler has a mesh pouch inside for you to put an item of clothing or other fabric that smells like you, so your dog can be soothed by your scent when they’re feeling stressed. When you buy this item, a dog toy will be donated to a dog in a shelter.

A toothbrush that your dog thinks is a chew toy – $16.99

dogs, pets, holidays, stocking stuffers

Courtesy Hearts & Roses.

It claims to be the most effective dog toothbrush on the market. Probably because dogs love to bite and chew it with no knowledge that they’re actually brushing. This item will give your dog the gift of play and you the gift of not having to try to scrub those teeth.

Rawhide candy canes – $14.99

dogs, pets, stocking stuffers

Courtesy Amazon.

Get your good boy a pack of classic beef rawhide chews with a holiday twist; these chews are shaped into candy canes with green and red stripes. They have their same great flavor and oral hygiene benefits, with a fun, new design.

Your dog’s first BarkBox – $22/month

dogs, pets, stocking stuffers, holidays

Courtesy Bark Box.

BarkBox is the gift that keeps on giving – literally. You can subscribe to this monthly themed collection of treats, toys, and chews for about $20 a month for a $40 value. We’d be willing to bet that the December box is holiday themed!

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