State’s Best Burger is Served from a Parking Lot

If you’re looking for the best burger in Washington, it won’t be at a gourmet restaurant, but rather at a small food truck in the parking lot of Tacoma’s 19th Street Grocery & Deli. Burger Seoul is unassuming and small, but the delicious flavor is so undeniably good that Buzzfeed and Yelp declared it the best burger in the state this year. 

If you’ve ever been, it’s not hard to know why. Burger meat is seasoned and cooked to perfection — reviewers rave about the juiciness — and customer service is always quick and friendly. And, to boot, you can get free fries if you’re willing to sing some karaoke. 

One song earns you an order of Seoul Fire Fires: fries topped with barbeque pork, cheese, and two sauces. The idea was started by owner Young La to help get more customers to Burger Seoul on the slowest day of the week. With its recent attention from Yelp and Buzzfeed, the food truck might not need the draw of the karaoke anymore, yet still it remains. 

If you ask us, those fries are totally worth one round of singing a song in a parking lot. Especially if they go along with the best burger you’ve ever had. 

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