Mr. Steam: Wellness Upgrades That Show a Return When You Sell

Deciding which home upgrades to take on may feel like a delicate balance between pursuing what you want and making sure you’ll get back what you invest when you sell. Lucky for the wellness seeking and fiscally-conscious homeowner, upgrades that accomplish both not only provide them wellness benefits but are aligned with market trends as well. In fact, according to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy, which includes physical health, preventative medicine, fitness and even real estate, was estimated to be a $4.2 trillion industry in 2017. This trend has been steadily rising, and in 2020, it became even more important to add health and wellness resources to homes. In coming years, it’s likely homeowners and buyers will continue seeking certain self-care home features. For a home renovation that serves your goals now and into the future, consider the following wellness renovations. Visit www.kellershowcase.com


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Delta Glass Rinsing Video

Add convenience to your routine. From smoothie cups to wine glasses, the Delta® Glass Rinser conveniently rinses virtually any drinkware. Simply press drinkware down over rinser and powerful jets of water shoot up for a rapid rinse. Learn more @ www.kellershowcase.com Visit a showroom near you in person or virtually!

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