S’mores 101

Everyone knows that a toasted marshmallow and chocolate on a graham cracker is heavenly, but you can get creative with your s’mores. Here are some ideas:

  1. Swap plain chocolate for a peanut butter cup or other miniature candy fave.
  2. Spread Nutella, almond or peanut butter, or that Trader Joe’s cookie butter on that cracker.
  3. Who says it has to be a graham cracker? Use your favorite cookie, donut or brownie squares to sandwich that gooey marshmallow.
  4. Like salty and sweet? Sandwich that sticky sweetness with a Ritz.
  5. Who even says your campfire treat must be sweet? Make it savory with a sturdy cracker or slice of bread, and stick some cherry tomatoes on a skewer in the fire to roast. Quickly warm a little ball of mozzarella. Add a basil leaf … warm, gooey, caprese s’more!
  6. Experiment. Burnt, blackened marshmallows? Or toasted to a nice golden brown? Milk chocolate? Or something more luxurious? Maybe you want to add some bacon — why not? Get creative with your s’mores to come up with your own exciting recipes.


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