Skip the Mall, Donate a Goat


The holiday season is a great time to spoil your loved ones, but this year, rather than gifting the latest gadgets, give a gift that will change the life of someone living in poverty instead. By making a donation in the name of a family member, friend, or even yourself, you can gift resources that will help provide ongoing support for people living in impoverished communities. Like the idea but aren’t sure which organization to donate to? Mercy Corps and Oxfam America are two non-profits worth checking out. Both offer unique donation options that include providing people in need with everything from animals and education to clean water, immunizations, and more.

Each donation made helps provide lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice, and because donations range in price from as low as $12 and up, meaningful donations are affordable for any budget. A $12 donation to Oxfam can buy 20 pounds of multipurpose soap, seeds for growing nutrient-rich crops, and more, while larger donations made at the $25, $50, $100 levels and up include gifts like a cooking stove, a cow, a donkey cart and more. Mercy Corps also offers a variety of gifts at different price points including everything from gifts of clean water for $25 to starting a fish hatchery for $125. Larger donations at the $400 level include gifts like vaccinating an entire village.

Whether you make a donation in lieu of more traditional gifts found at the mall, or donate in addition to your holiday shopping, Mercy Corps and Oxfam are two organizations that make your holiday generosity simple, meaningful and lasting.

Oxfam America

Oxfam America is one of 17 members of the international Oxfam confederation, working to end poverty, hunger and injustice by providing long-term solutions in impoverished communities across the globe.

Mercy Corps

For more than thirty years, Mercy Corps has been committed to helping people overcome poverty, injustice, crises and more, by providing invaluable resources and aid to people in need.

To find out more information, to view a complete list of gifts available for donation, and more, visit Oxfam America and Mercy Corps.


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