Silly and Ridiculous Apps

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Or at least a chuckle. Here are some apps that will help you smile.

(Send Me to Heaven)
Free, Android

Are you one of those fiercely competitive souls who must always win, no matter the cost? The S.M.T.H. app lets you challenge friends and random strangers to see who can fling their phone higher in the air without shattering it. You will likely beat your Facebook friends who are smart enough not to play, but expect fierce competition if you want to make the Top 10 leaderboard.

BendyBooth Face + Voice Changer
Free, Apple

Upload photos and videos, and then use the tools to “enhance” it. Expand or shrink your nose, eyes, chin, and more until you create your perfect funny face and a weird voice to match.

Cool Funny Jokes
Free, Apple

“How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas?” Answer: “He felt his presents.” This joke app will make you the funniest — perhaps cheesiest — person in the room. And many of the jokes are kid-friendly, too. See above example. Ha. Ha.

The SNL Official App
Free, Android and Apple

If you love Saturday Night Live, then this app is for you. You can zip back to the episodes from the ’70s, let Hans and Franz pump you up, or chuckle at the Church Lady.

Free, Android and Apple

Selfissimo is the perfect app for Instagram junkies who have worn out their selfie sticks. Think of it as your personal photo booth. Simply strike a pose, and the motion-sensitive app takes a new pic every time you rotate your phone. Even if you’re just making weird faces with your pet, the app will give encouraging messages like, “You’re a star, baby!”

Free, Android and Apple

Create your own funny meme with meMatic. You can choose your own art and write something clever, or use some of their gems. The app is free; the upgrades for a little coin will take your meme game up a notch!

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