Seattle Woman Appointed Ferrari Club of America’s National Women’s Council Chair

Jamei June, of the Seattle-based female auto-enthusiast brand Beauty & Keys, was recently selected to be the first-ever National Women’s Council chair of the Ferrari Club of America.

As Ferrari moves toward a more diversified and inclusive car community, the newly created position is one move looking to embolden more women to get behind the wheel.

Having worked previously with Ferrari as the Northwest region’s media coordinator and emcee, June was a natural choice. For four consecutive years, she hosted the Ferrari Concours d’Elegance, and will next host the Ferrari Annual Experience event in Portland this summer.

June especially got Ferrari’s attention in 2019, when Beauty & Keys hosted the largest all-female Ferrari drive in the U.S. (June was among nine women to participate in the drive.)

June said she started Beauty & Keys because she noticed a lot of women felt exclusively comfortable in the passenger’s seat. As she participated in autocross events, rallies, and drives, she consistently observed that she was the only woman driving.

“Being in the driver’s seat is a completely different feeling, and I want more women to experience that,” June said.

What began with that first Ferrari drive eventually expanded to include other exotic cars and SUVs.

“I announce a drive, and have the ladies come and drive with me,” said June. “I’ve learned that what women want on the road is often completely different than men. Sometimes it’s shorter drives, having lunch together. Women like to chit-chat. I incorporate different beauty products, like my favorite lipstick or cosmetics, which are sometimes sponsored.”

June continues to encourage and build the female car community. Each meet-up dependably sees its attendance double.

As the first women’s council chair, June will collaborate with Ferrari in choosing 16 women nationally to help create more events tailored toward women.

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