Salty’s: All About Super Fresh Seafood

Salty’s Waterfront Seafood Grills  are known for their fresh seafood and beautiful views — with locations in Seattle, Redondo Beach and Portland. Lately they have been creating quite a buzz with super fresh seafood arrivals.

This weekend they flew in two giant brown King crabs live from Alaska so a select group of invited guests – including 425 and South Sound magazine owner Josh Dunn – to try. “It was the best crab I’ve ever had,” he said.

Most crabs are flash frozen on the boats in Alaska and flown in, said Nems Scarim, PR manager for Salty’s. It’s a rare and special occasion to have them live and prepared fresh at a restaurant. “It tasted like it had already been dumped in butter,” she said.

Earlier this year Salty’s served fresh razor clams lightly breaded and fried and they also served Copper River salmon a day before the big televised Alaska Airlines Copper River arrival. That’s because the owner and chef of Salty’s went to Alaska and fished for their own Copper River salmon and brought it back, Scarim said.

Check out Salty’s website for the latest news on seafood available and events, such as winemaker and brewmaster dinners.

is the editor in chief at South Sound magazine.
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