Same Sofa, Different Look

Accessorize to energize your living room

A Splash of Aqua. Photos by Rachel Coward

By Stefanie Brooks and Kevin Kurbs

A neutral wall and a sofa with a common gray geometric pattern don’t look like much of a show-stopper at first glance. But this sofa from the Sherrill Plaza Collection is meant to be a blank canvas to build on. There are several ways to take basic and make it punchy and vibrant with some colorful accessories and other designer tricks. Here we show you one room styled two ways — using the basic sofa and accent furniture as the foundation.

A Splash of Aqua
In the first look we focused on a color scheme — turquoise. By adding pops of blue into the space, along with some great lamps and artwork, we transformed it into a calm, relaxing and beautiful place to curl up with a book and soft blanket.

Zippy Orange

Zippy Orange

Zippy Orange
We like to consider accessories the “jewelry” of a space, and this example shows you how a bit of color and some added texture can really take a room from boring to vibrant. Along with the orange we added shades of sage — two complementary colors.

How do you know which colors are complementary? Invest in a designer tool at home — a color wheel. Or go online and type “color wheel” to find virtual color resources that can help take the guess work out of your next color decision.

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