Tacoma Film Festival Showcases Local Talent

Tacoma Film Festival 2014
The ninth annual Tacoma Film Festival at Tacoma’s Grand Cinema will be held Oct. 9-16. It’s a celebration of independent films. In addition to the week of screenings, there will be several interactive events including filmmaker Q&As and workshops.


Jeff Barehand. Photos by Rachel Coward

Jeff Barehand Writer, producer and terrible sound guy (he accidentally erased a whole section of audio from the field recorder), Lost (Drama)
Lives in Olympia
Day Job Owner of Sky Bear Media, a South Sound video production company
Film synopsis A young drifter uncovers a dark secret while locked in an antique store overnight.
“I really love the films that have those scenes, or even moments, that rip your heart out. Those feelings stick with you and remind you daily of the kind of person you want to be and the kind of films you want to make.”


Doug Stapleton

Doug Stapleton

Doug Stapleton Writer/director, Deadline (Thriller)
Lives in Kirkland
Day job Executive sales manager at Yapta, Inc., a Seattle-based technology startup
Film synopsis When an ambitious young woman finds herself working late into the night in order to finish a last minute business proposal, she quickly finds that meeting her deadline is the least of her worries.
“As a writer/director, it’s an amazing process and experience to turn a story idea into a screenplay, and then ultimately turn those pages into a film that you can watch with an audience.”


Ronald J. Lagman

Ronald J. Lagman Writer/director, Quiet Move (Drama).
Lives in South Tacoma
Day job Works at an upscale retailer
Film synopsis A shy 14-year-old girl attempts to get close to the boy of her dreams through playing chess.
“[My film career started with] a church editing project in the Philippines.”


Mary Elworth


Mary Elworth Actor, Weeping Willow (Action, Drama)
Lives in Newcastle
Day job Homeschool student
Film synopsis As Willow and her brother struggle through the Hunger Games arena, Willow must come to terms with the fact that only one of them can make it home. The film is based on the “The Hunger Games” universe but is an original story.
“[My favorite actress is] Meryl Streep because of her versatility, her presence on screen, and her ability to embody a role.”


Steve Harshfield

Steve Harshfield Producer/assistant director, Lovesick (Drama)
Lives in Yelm
Day job Project manager
Film synopsis Dina wants nothing more than a meaningful relationship but avoids them at all cost for fear she is cursed. Her safe existence is shattered when a familiar stranger walks back into her life.
“While I’ve only used it in a film once so far, The Narrows Bridge [is my favorite South Sound setting]. It’s a symbol of resilience and rebirth.”


Steve Edmiston and Scott Schaefer

Steve Edmiston and Scott Schaefer Writer (Edmiston) and director/producer (Schaefer), The Maury Island Incident (Sci-Fi/mystery)
Lives in Des Moines (Edmiston), Burien (Schaefer)
Day jobs Business and entertainment lawyer (Edmiston), founder/publisher of South King Media, a local blog network (Schaefer)
Film synopsis Based on declassified FBI documents, The Maury Island Incident tells the forgotten story of Harold Dahl, who on June 21, 1947, alleged a UFO sighting over Puget Sound, sparking a government battle over jurisdiction, reaching directly to FBI executive director J. Edgar Hoover.
“[I] really enjoyed shooting at the historic old Masonic retirement home known as ‘Landmark on the Sound.’ The old Masonic symbols peppered throughout the building, cool 1920s fixtures and history — not to mention an alleged ghost named ‘George’ — made this a perfect spot to film as J. Edgar Hoover’s office.” -Scott Schaefer


Rick Walters

Rick Walters Writer/actor, Enmity Gauge (Thriller)
Lives in Fredrickson
Day job Writer/director for Talk It Up Productions/Talk It Up TV
Film synopsis Verona is face to face with a bleeding stranger and has 5 minutes to decide who to trust before a madman shows up to kill them both.
“I started on the stage of Camas High School and went on to act, director or crew on several stage productions before my first short film in 1996 where I played a clumsy sidekick to a murderous femme fatale.”


Kris Crews

Kris Crews Cinematographer/video editor, Fake It ’til You Make Believe (Documentary)
Lives in Tacoma
Day job Owner of Crews Photography & Video, film teacher at Annie Wright
Film synopsis An inside look at Tacoma artist and puppeteer Jeremy Gregory, who created the puppet pictured.
“Downtown Tacoma, with its wild, unkempt parts showing, is my favorite South Sound setting. I like to see raw Tacoma grit married to pure, unrestrained beauty.”


Dawson Doupe

Dawson Doupe Writer/director, Solitude (Drama)
Lives in Seattle
Day job Student
Film synopsis The story of a lone man so engulfed in his own isolation in the mountainous woodlands that it begins to threaten his own morality. When a hunting venture results in tragedy, the man’s commitment to isolation is drastically threatened.
“Tacoma [is our favorite South Sound setting] because it works as both an industrial setting as well as a suburban environment.”

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