Get Fit

Found: A Workout for You

Where: Various locations
Try this if: You want to be sore in places you didn’t know you could be sore.

Rock climbing
Where: Edgeworks Climbing
Try this if: You want to make sure you don’t starin the sequel to 127 Hours.

Where: Various locations, including downtown Olympia
Try this if: You want to be able to STEP UP when a dance battle or group musical breaks out near you.

Remix Workouts
Where: Anywhere you want! (It’s an app by Microsoft employee France Marien)
Try this if: You think gyms are smelly but you really want to get rid of that belly.

Where: Hot Yoga Tacoma
Try this if: Pretzels are your favorite food, but the tightness of your “never-been-to- yoga” yoga pants are telling you to express that love in a different way.

Innovative Fitness
Where: Fircrest and Gig Harbor
Try this if: Having yourself as a personal trainer isn’t working.

Lap Swims
Where: Center at Norpoint Pool, Tacoma
Try this if: You want to do your best Michael Phelps impersonation.

Volleyball pick-up games
Where: Giaudrone Middle School on Thursdays from 6-8:45pm
Try this if: You want to get healthy and ace your next doctor’s appointment.

Where: Various locations, including Center at Norpoint
Try this if: You’ve been searching for the fountain of youth — Jazzercise’s founder is in her early 70s and she’s still fit and fabulous, jamming to Beyonce — sans leg warmers.

Where: Prana in Puyallup
Try this if: You want to go from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.

Where:  Lenderman’s Academy of Martial Arts, Inc.
Try this if: You’ve eaten too much pizza with turtles during winter.

Boot Camp
Where:  Competitive Edge, Puyallup
Try this if: You want to get so sweaty that the only way to cool down is a dramatic Gatorade bath.

Bottom photo courtesy “Aerobics class in a gym” ©2008 Jeanette Goodrich used under a creative commons attribution license.

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