Pet of the Week: Oscar

Meet Oscar (a.k.a. the best cat in the world)!

He’s a handsome brown tabby with a wonderful personality that will win your heart. Oscar is very social and affectionate, and loves to spend time with people – he’s the type of cat that assumes everyone is here to be his friend. He enjoys petting and sitting on laps. He’s a chatty kitty who will greet you with happy meows in the morning, and will talk to you throughout the day.

Oscar has met dogs and other cats while at the shelter and seems to be fine around other well-mannered pets, so he might enjoy living in a home with other polite animals. Oscar is a senior kitty, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with cat toys and jumping onto window sills to watch the birds outside. He’s also crazy for catnip!

OscarOscar has some weakness and occasional wobbliness in his back end, likely due to his age, but he still gets around well and is a happy boy who loves life. Oscar’s hips and tail area can be a bit sore at times, so he needs a home without small kids, so that no little hands accidentally pet him too hard. Oscar is currently living in a staff office, so if you would like to adopt this delightful kitty, please ask our front desk staff how to meet him.

Find Oscar’s full listing here, and learn about Kitsap Humane Society’s adoption process at:


Kitsap Humane Society is a private, nonprofit animal shelter that rescues and rehomes more than 6,000 pets every year. The Silverdale-based organization has a “lives saved” rate of over 95 percent, and never euthanizes an animal due to lack of space. In addition to caring for and adopting animals, Kitsap Human Society also provides spay/neuter services to low income residents of Kitsap County and Animal Rescue and Enforcement services to surrounding municipalities.

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