Peach-O-Rama At Metropolitan Market


Photo by Rachel Coward

Peach-O-Rama is in full swing at Metropolitan Market! The start of the sweetest time of the year for peaches usually hits around the beginning of August, but this year’s batch got an early start. Before you rush over to Proctor (or wherever your local Met Market is) here’s a few peachy tips to keep in mind.

  • Met Market uses two growers to collect their peaches from: Frog Hollow Farms (Organic) from Brentwood, California and the family-owned Pence Peaches from the lower Yakima Valley.
  • Peaches from Met Market are Brix tested daily. That means no matter what peach you pick, it’s guaranteed to be sweet and juicy.
  • Look for peaches that are orange and speckled. Also, it’s usually safe to assume that the bigger the peach, the sweeter the juice.
  • Peaches are best when stored at room temperature. (55-78 degrees)
  • While the peaches may look cute stacked pyramid style in a bowl, that can bruise the peach. Keep peaches stored in a single layer and on a cushioned surface.
  • Not sure which peach variety to select? Professional Met Market produce guru Dino Medica says peaches with “lady” attached to their name are usually amazing. (Try Pence’s “Elegant Lady” or Frog Hollow Farms “Summer Lady”.)
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