Our Community Adventure: A New Way for Families Connect

Creating meaningful connections between parents and children, as well as the community they live in, just got easier — and more fun — thanks to a new program launched this month by the Pierce County Library System.

Our Community Adventure is a learning tool designed for families with young children. The program comes in the form of a game board (in Spanish or English) that takes families on a scavenger hunt to complete various activities that range from visiting a community garden to making a donation at a local food bank. Participants will earn a reusable cotton book bag.

“Opportunities to learn are all around us,” said Pierce County Library’s Executive Director Georgia Lomax. “Our Community Adventure gives parents a fun guide to become more aware of those learning opportunities. With hands on, eyes open, and feet walking, this new service tours families through their community, while learning and having fun.”

The game boards can be found online and at multiple locations including government, nonprofit, and pediatricians’ offices around the county. The Puyallup and Tacoma Public Libraries collaborated with Pierce County Public Library to provide this opportunity.

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