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Learn to paint the beauty of the West Coast, dig into the craft beef revolution, learn the names of our iconic cloud cover, and more.

Colors of the West

Colors of the West
Molly Hashimoto

Seattle artist Molly Hashimoto takes readers through some of the basics of painting the iconic mountains and tree lines of the West Coast. She even breaks down which brushes and techniques to use and organizes chapters by color. Even if painting isn’t your aspiration, Colors of the West is a worthwhile read for the beautiful watercolor illustrations., $20



By the Shore

By the Shore
Nancy Blakey

Author Nancy Blakey takes readers through the entire Pacific Northwest, from Oregon to British Columbia, Canada, with on-brand activities — catching and cooking seasonal seafood, beach activities, water sports, and outdoor adventures. Aside from being packed with fun facts, it’s also filled with stunning, colorful photos and illustrations., $23



Sonny Assu: A Selective History
Sonny Assu with Candice Hopkins, Marianne Nicolson, Richard Van Camp, and Ellyn Walker

A photographic collection of artist Sonny Assu’s works — installations, sculpture, photography, print-making, and paintings — is displayed in this book, with commentary and context about each piece. Throughout Assu’s prolific career, he’s used art to “challenge, poke fun at, and reveal uncomfortable truths about the Canadian colonial experiment.”, $35



A Sideways Look at Clouds
Maria Mudd Ruth

This Northwest transplant assumed locals were experts in the many forms of fluffy white or aggressively gray clouds that are a near constant in the Pacific Northwest. However, she found Washingtonians knew precious little about identifying the clouds. Her book “blends science, wonder, and humor to take a scenic route through the clouds.”, $19



Craft Beef
Joe Heitzeberg, Ethan Lowry, and Caroline Saunders

Crowd Cow, the local, innovative start-up that brought us the craft beef-sharing website, penned a book about the craft beef revolution, which is increasing a demand for locally sourced, humanely raised, high-quality beef., $11



Collaborating Against Human Trafficking
Kirsten Foot

University of Washington professor Kirsten Foot unpacks the difficulties of ending human trafficking, especially with “systemic tensions” that can hinder cross-country alliances. She offers potential solutions and tools, noting the power of collaboration among leaders to address the pandemic. Foot has been studying anti-trafficking nationally and internationally since 2007, and advises on a multitude of counter-trafficking initiatives., $34


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