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It’s time to curl up with a good book. May we suggest stories of mystery, adventure, and inspiration by these Western Washington-based authors? 

She Dreams by Tiffany Bluhm

It’s easy to let our dreams slip by in the face of practicality — or simply trying to make it through everyday life. In her second book, Tacoma-based speaker and writer Tiffany Bluhm presses readers to work for their dreams with this faith-based book that centers around reflection and introspection. She also shares her own story of being an Indian immigrant orphan who went on to adopt her own child.
$16.99 | Abingdon Press

A Case of Bier by Mary Daheim

Seattle bed and breakfast owner Judith needs a vacation of her own after a busy summer, and she’s thrilled when her husband surprises her with a trip to the Canadian Rockies with her cousins. When they arrive, however, they’re joined by some strange guests who’ve gathered at the mountain to bury a relative — only that relative doesn’t seem quite ready for a permanent deathbed. Mary Daheim, a Seattle author, once again delivers with an entertaining mystery. 
$24.99 | HarperCollins Publisher

The Exile by Gregory Erich Phillips

Protagonist Leila finds herself abruptly deported back to Colombia, the rock bottom of an already-difficult period in her life: the 2008 mortgage crisis that left her job in shambles and a whirlwind romance that may have led to Leila’s downfall. Seattle author Gregory Erich Phillips aims to shed light on issues regarding immigration with this novel. $19.95 | Koehler Books 

Walking to the End of the World by Beth Jusino

Seattle resident Beth Jusino and her husband decided to take on the 1,000-mile journey across a 900-year-old European trail in 2015. Every year, roughly 250,000 people traverse at least part of the Camino De Santiago, and Jusino’s narration of the experience reveals a heartwarming story about an ordinary couple who decide to step outside their comfort zone. 
$18.95 | Mountaineer Books

Arctic Solitaire: A Boat, A Bay, and The Quest For The Perfect Bear by Paul Souders

After a rich career traveling the world as a photographer, Paul Souders realized there was one dream he had not yet realized: photographing a polar bear in its natural habitat. So, the newly married adventurer set off on a solo trip to the Arctic and battled brutal conditions to achieve his mission. What truly makes this work shine are the nature and journalistic-style photos that accompany the text.
$26.95 | Mountaineers Books

The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin

Emerging author Tara Conklin tells a futuristic tale of an acclaimed poet sharing her “illustrious” 80-year career in front of a live audience. Poet Fiona Skinner dives deep into one of her iconic works, The Love Poem, which is steeped in pain and resilience. This evocative novel exemplifies the power of storytelling.
$26.99 | HarperCollins Publishers

Scraps, Peels, and Stems by Jill Lightner

Feeling guilty about food waste? Writer and editor Jill Lightner offers dozens of recipes with tips on reducing waste and methods using the “nose to tail” and “root to stem” cooking trend. Those helpful insights would be enough to grab this book off the shelf, but it also includes meal planning for savvy shoppers, portioning to avoid leftovers, plus composting, and recycling tips.
$29.95 | Mountaineers Books


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