Niman Ranch Reaches Out to Challenged Chefs

Niman Ranch, long known as a purveyor of high-quality, sustainably grown, and humanely harvested meats, didn’t wait to be asked to help local chefs in need this spring. Alicia LaPorte, communications director for Niman, said, “When coronavirus started impacting chefs and forcing restaurant closures, it was scary and heartbreaking. So, we reached out to our partner chefs to check on them. And you know the amazing thing? Every chef we talked to was busy — planning pop-up family meals for staff, working with school-lunch programs, creating free meals for health care workers. They were all doing something incredibly generous. We were so inspired by that, so we asked, ‘How can we help?’”

To date, Niman has donated more than 50,000 servings of meat to help direct, grass-roots food-relief efforts. Niman urges consumers to support local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery meals; purchasing gift cards or merchandise online; seeking restaurant-made meal kits; posting positive restaurant reviews online; and, above all, generously tipping any worker who helps you! 

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