Local, Inspiring Book Hits Stands

Tiffany Bluhm’s new book comes out Feb. 6.

Tiffany Bluhm, one of South Sound’s Women to Watch in 2017 and Tacoma Blogger, has some excited news: her first book and its companion Bible study are officially being released tomorrow. Both works share the title Never Alone and serve as platforms to inspire and encourage women around the world, especially those who are tempted to let pain and hardship define their lives.

The two pieces, which together make up 105,000 words, took Bluhm four months to write but “a lifetime to live.” They work together in their messages but can also function as stand-alone pieces. The book reads like a memoir, Bluhm said, and the Bible study incorporates her own experiences with an examination of six women from the Gospels whose encounters with Jesus redefined their roles in society.

Bluhm recognizes the importance of her first print publication for both herself and her readers. Having written Never Alone definitely lends her extra credibility as an inspirational community figure, and also promises a wider and deeper impact for her audience than she can accomplish in a YouTube video or a blog post.

“In a 50,000-word book, you’re able to elaborate on one topic in a way that is impossible in any blog post or speech. In my book, readers can get a broad stroke of who I am and what my message is, and my message exists to serve them and to encourage them in their lives.”

Having a published work—being a writer with a book in print—has been a lifelong dream of Bluhm’s. “I remember being seven or eight and seeing a blank piece of paper and being excited to fill it with words. As I got older, I definitely came to realize that words matter, and when they’re printed on a page, they never go away. I always felt like this was going to happen. I didn’t know how or when, but I always knew that someday, I could have my own book.”

The release date tomorrow has been highly anticipated by Bluhm, and she said that the entire process—though it required a lot of hard work and discipline—has been a dream come true. She’s already in the dreaming stages of her next project, and excitedly stated that “the best is yet to come.”

Read more about Bluhm’s journey on her website, TiffanyBluhm.com, and check out our 2017 Women to Watch story, where she is featured as one of six inspirational women living in Tacoma. To keep up with her on social media, follow her on Facebook (TiffanyABluhm), Instagram (@tiffanybluhm), and Twitter (@tiffanybluhm).

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