Milkvue Handcrafted Donuts + Coffee

So what, exactly, is a mochi donut? Seung Kim and Damien Ahn, owners of Gig Harbor’s new craft boutique donut shop, Milkvue, have the answer. The mochi donut, which is extremely popular in Asia, is made with sweet glutinous rice flour to create a delicate, crisp crust and a soft, silky interior with a slightly chewy texture.

The two entrepreneurs have perfected their mochi recipe and also have put their own spin on fluffy yeast-raised donuts with wildly creative toppings. Standout flavors (among many others) are blueberry/lavender and matcha green tea with crumbled Oreo cookie toppings. For traditionalists, don’t miss the shop’s vanilla bean glazed donuts and apple fritters — easily among the best you’ll ever taste.

“We use fresh instead of instant yeast, and we clean and filter our oil every single day,” Ahn said. “This costs more and takes more time, but it makes a huge difference in the taste and feel of our donuts. We make them in-house every day with the best ingredients and care possible.”

And what’s a donut without a cuppa joe? The Rolls-Royce of espresso machines, a La Marzocco, graces the modernistic shop’s gleaming white countertop donut display, where servers grind local Olympia Roasting Company organic beans for espresso drinks brewed to order.

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