Meet Author Mary Roach

After two months of reading as a county, the annual Pierce County READS event culminates with an author talk by Mary Roach.

People around the county have been reading Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Roach as part of the countywide literary event put on by the Pierce County Library.

Author Mary Roach at home Sept. 21, 2007 in Oakland, California. Photo by David Paul Morris.

The talk will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, April 28 at McGavick Conference Center at Clover Park Technical College. The event is free, and no tickets are needed.

Roach is known for her deep research into — and humorous take on — topics. Her other books include Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal.

Grunt is about the science behind U.S. troops. She writes about the extreme measures and experiments aimed at keeping men and women alive and safe, as well as comfortable, at war.

Pierce County READS launched March 5, and as part of the program free events have been put on around the county. The book has been checked out more than 3,000 times. The free events have focused on topics like supporting soldiers after war, among others.

Grunt has been an excellent choice bringing lots of interesting and debatable conversations throughout our communities,” said Pierce County Library System executive director Georgia Lomax, in a news release. “We truly brought our larger countywide community and military community together. (Roach) artfully bridges civilian and military worlds.”

You might have heard of Roach before. Her TED Talk made the 2011 Twenty Most-Watched to Date list. She’s also a member of the Mars Institute’s Advisory Board and the Usage Panel of American Heritage Dictionary. She served as guest editor of the 2011 Best American Science and Nature Writing compilation.


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